Clickbank and Adwords

There are plenty of low cost and even free methods you can use to promote your Clickbank products. The problem with these methods is they can take some time before you start to see any results. One of the methods which can obtain almost instant results is by using Google Adwords. AdWords are the small ads that you see in the right column of the page when you search via Google. The great thing about these ads is that you only pay when people click on your ads (pay per click or ppc). You create your own ads using keywords that are relevant to the customers you are trying to attract, Google will calculate an estimated average price that you will have to pay for each keyword to give you an idea but you can then set a daily budget limit so that this amount is never exceeded.

Adwords work great with Clickbank as you can link directly to an affiliate website meaning you do not have to create your own site.Obviously as you are paying for your traffic you need to be very selective about which products you are prepared to promote. You need to make sure that the commision payable for the clickank product is more than enough to cover your advertising budget and still make a reasonable profit for yourself and that the product has a reasonable low rate of refunds.

But by getting the right ad with the right keywords you will find that in a very short period of time the traffic to your website will increase and with the right product the sales will follow.

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