Clkbank Marketplace

Whats in the Marketplace?

The marketplace is quite simply the starting point to find the clkbank products that you wish to promote.
Split into 9 different categories you can use the search facility to find products varying from making money on the stockmarket to losing weight or even how to become a succesfull DJ.

With access to over thousands of products you can be sure of finding something that you can promote. You can have the products listed in various orders ranging from popularity to the products offering the most commision.Apart from information on the amount of commision, you will see details confirming if this is a one off commision or a regular payment. This is generally offered if the affiliate package is a monthly membership site. You will also see mentioned Gravity. What is Gravity?


This can be slightly confusing and although clkbank have their own way of calculating gravity it generally means that products that have a high gravity percentage are not only actively being promoted but are also actively being sold.

What products should you promote? Well this is a difficult one as you need to try and get a fair balance. The top selling products are obviously selling well but if you are just starting out it may well be difficult to compete against more established sellers. Although the top selling products will generally feature on the first page it is worth checking further pages as some really good products can be found on the latter pages aswell. What I would recomend when first starting out is to look for the products that not only offer good commissions but also products that have a good sales page and also provide affiliate tools. These tools could simply be banners/advertising that you can add to your website or blog or the tools may even include complete articles or e-mail message sets that you can use to promote your product.

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